Everyone who’s ever played the guitar knows that it might be easier to start but very difficult to progress to a proficient level.

Like learning any instruments, you need proper training in order to be proficient.

The fact is – good guitar teachers are very hard to find. Fortunately, there is a great alternative that is very cost-effective – online guitar lessons and courses!

These courses are very interactive and were intentionally made to have a fun and interesting experience for its students.

Here is a list of 15 best guitar courses you can find online – all in one place!

1. Guitar Tricks

From the overall look of its training platform, you can see the aesthetic designs that are very user-friendly, free trial offers, song list, and their very promising core learning curriculum.

Since 1998, a time where very few had internet connection, Guitar Tricks was the pioneer of online guitar courses.

Guitar Tricks will give you access to 11,000-lesson libraries and 1000+ song guides. Training levels from beginner, intermediate to advanced lessons are covered with great instructors.

Truly, Guitar tricks had gone far ahead than other online courses in terms of content and the number of students they have.

Price: $19.99 monthly, $179.99 yearly, free 14-day trial Key

2. Fender Play

Launched in 2017, it became the most recognizable online guitar course given that it is created by the biggest guitar brand. 

Living up to its brand reputation, Fender Play has balanced its approach in a theoretical and practical strategy in a way that is easy to understand. 

After signing up, Fender Play will offer you options to direct your learning flow for you to have your own curriculum designed to your own preference as you develop to more advanced lessons. 

Progress is tracked on the side to make sure your skills are maintained and improving.

Price: $9.99/£9.99 monthly, $89.99/£89.99 yearly, currently doing 3 month free trials

3. TrueFire

This course is a little pricey for a reason.

Truefire prides itself with its top-of-the-line famous instructors: Steve Vai, Larry Carlton, Robben Ford, and many more.

There is a Slo-mo and looping feature for the parts you want to focus on over and over. This will make you concentrate on a single, more complicated part of the song until you can do it. 

I’d say this course is more for intermediate students who really want to invest in improving their skills to a more advanced level.

Price: Free to join, free 30-day trial, $29/month for monthly plan, $249 annual, $2,499 lifetime

4. JamPlay

Lots of information are already on the home page of JamPlay website. From teachers, courses, tools, and membership can already be explored at the first sight.

Like TrueFire, it also has pro instructors like Yvette Young and Tosin Abasi, who has his own masterclass which makes this course a bit pricey but not as much as TrueFire.

Systematic learning is provided through 4 different phases from basics to song-writing level. Interactive tools like ask-a-teacher and live Q&A sessions weekly can be accessed which makes the learning process more fun.

Price: $19.95/month for a monthly membership, $49.95/month for 3 months, $159.95 annually

5. Yousician

Yousician is almost like your personal AI progress tracker. The app uses your phone as it evaluates your playing and determines your development in real-time.

The app scores you and provides more challenging techniques as you progress. 

Price: Seven-day free trial, then $9.99/£7 per month or $119.99/£86 per year 

6. Artistworks Guitar

It is very satisfying and inspiring to hear feedback from your mentor. Artistworks allows you to interact with your mentor by recording your own video and receiving constructive criticism afterward.

These are not just any mentors – the have instructors like Paul Gilbert, one of the early guitarists who had instructional videos. 

Price: Three-month plan $35/£25 per month, six-month plan $30/£21 per month, or annual plan $23.25/£16.50 per month

7. JustinGuitar

Some individual guitarists are also offering great guitar training.

Justin Sandercoe, an Australian guitarist, is one of them. He started his own site back in 2003 and became a success when he started creating YouTube instructional videos.

The best thing about his site is that it’s free. Donations are very well appreciated though.

His YouTube Channel has over 1.4 million subscribers that has benefited from his 1,000-plus instructional videos.

8. Orange Learn

Sounds familiar? Orange Learn is the manufacturers of Orange amplifiers. The Brand may not be as popular as Fender but most advanced musicians recognize the name Orange.

The learning system is patterned with the UK 8th grade education system divided into the foundation, intermediate and advanced levels. The course is fully accredited in the UK and EU and certificates are given after finishing the course.

They made it possible for students to contact instructors on their training platform if necessary. Students are able to get personal attention and feedback to help themselves progress.

Price: Free to join, with monthly/annual costs charged according to desired grade level 

9. JamTrackCentral

I am a personal follower of this course on Youtube. But honestly, this training platform is not really designed for beginners.

Most of their instructors, who I follow as well, like Guthrie Govan, Alex Hutchings, Daniele Gottardo, and Jack Thammarat are all modern guitarists in their own experimental style of playing, trying to discover more of what guitar playing has to offer.

If you are looking to upgrade your skills and have a broader perspective on music, this is the course for you.

Price: Free version, with Premium available for $21/£14.99 per month

10. Rock Like The Pros

An App-based guitar course provider, Rock Like The Pros is formatted in three sections for beginners, intermediate and advanced, Style section.

The training include different genres from pop to blues, country, and many more, and the Theory section where the blueprint of guitar playing can be learned.

Terry Carter, the creator and author of Rock Like The Pros, started publishing books of the same name, as a result of many years of teaching in Los Angeles. Eventually, he came up with this app.

Each course is sold separately. The price depends according to the content. There is a premium membership that costs $188 a year and $19.95 monthly.

11. Andy Guitar

Andy Crowley created this course to focus on helping beginners. His teaching style is slow enough for beginners to follow, and he is very positive and motivating with his approach to teaching.

Though he is really good at helping beginners through his website, his curriculum also includes intermediate and advanced levels of guitar training.

Beginners will really find this course effective since Andy is very thorough in his tutorials. Plus, all of his content is free.

12. Marty Music

Most of Marty Music’s content is free, which some paid content.

His way of simplifying the explanations makes the learning process really comprehensive.

His style of teaching music with his cool, casual way of talking brought this Youtube channel to 948,000 subscribers and 350 million viewers. 

On his official training website, more content can be found with more depth and profound explanation of guitar training.

This training platform is recommended to anyone who wants to enjoy learning with a friendly vibe.

13. Jamorama

Like Andy Crowley, Marty Schwartz, and Justin Sandercoa, Jamorama started as a free online guitar training platform taught by Mark Mckenzie by himself.

There are two approaches to learning on this website: Technique-based methods that would focus on skills and more of the physical aspects of learning the guitar and Song-based methods that deals with learning the song in detail.

There is also a learning community on their website. It allowed each member to communicate and share their ideas about lessons they’ve learned on the website. They can also create their own page.

Price: Most lessons are free. Lifetime membership is $99.95 for full access.

14. GuitarGate

The main instructor and founder of GuitarGate, Michael Palmisano, graduated from the Musicians Institute in Hollywood.

Some reviews state that Michael does some of the best theory explanations than the other online guitar training platforms.

The learning path is clear and organized very well to be explored easily on the site. Following its course in chronological order will make it easier for you to track your progress on and on.

Price: $9.99 a month for full access to the training platform.

15. The-Art-Of-Guitar

Is there really a hack on how to learn guitar faster? Take a tour of Mike Geronsin’s The-Art-Of-The-Guitar. 

This site is the culmination of Mike’s 25 years of experience in teaching the guitar.

Mike’s teaching style is to cut through all the complicated explanations of learning and go straight to what really works. He’s not just teaching students how to play, but also the best order in which someone is supposed to learn from basic to more advanced techniques and theories.

Price: Full access can be acquired at $10.95 a month. Free sample lessons are available.

Which Course Should I take?

Different people learn differently. Some like to cut to the chase, others want more explanations and examples.

We’ve laid out all these courses and their prices for you to pick which is more compatible and will work best to improve your skills and passion for music. 

Some courses have really great instructors with a higher price while others offer free training content.

Find the right course for you will take some time through trial and error. But the best thing is that the best guitar training courses are all available for you online.

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