If you are looking for an inspirational song to lift your spirit, you’re going to enjoy this post.

I have put together a complete list of motivational songs in different genres.

You can go through this list and find a song that might help you go through a difficult time.

If you’re ready to get inspired by music, let’s dive into this:

Classical Music

Classical music is so inspiring and motivating to the human soul.

Just by listening to the music itself is already so fulfilling and satisfying.

Here are some of the greatest classical songs you are going to love.

1. Nessun Dorma – Turandot

This is the most famous tenor aria of all time written by Puccini.

It ends with a glorious high note on the word “Vincero” – I will win!

If this aria doesn’t motivate you, I don’t know which will.

I know Pavarotti’s version is the most popular, but listen to Jonas Kaufmann:

2. L’improviso – Andrea Chenier

This is a dramatic aria that is going to fire you up to go after your dreams.

A patriotic poet attacks the French aristocrats in an improvised poem at a party.

Pavarotti interprets this aria with impeccable technique and passion.

3. The Flower Duet – Lakme

This is arguably the most beautiful operatic duet ever.

You will appreciate the beautiful things in life through this duet.

This version is sung by the legendary Montserrat Caballe and Ina Kancheva

4. Ah Mes Amis – The Daughter of the Regiment

This is also one of the most famous tenor arias with 9 high Cs.

This aria certainly evokes a lot of emotional excitement.

LIsten to this rendition of Mexican tenor Xavier Camerena.

5. Che Gelida Manina – La Boheme

This is the grand tenor aria of Puccini’s opera La Boheme.

The poet Rudolfo romanticizes his poverty in front of the girl he loves.

If you are experiencing life difficulties, learn to appreciate the beautiful things in life, like Rudolfo does.

6. O Sole Mio – Di Capua

This is the most famous folk song from Naples, Italy.

O Sole Mio serenades how the Sun, or the lover, makes the day bright and hopeful.

If you need a little positive energy, listen to this Italian classic.

7. Va, Pensiero – Nabucco

This is an operatic chorus from Verdi’s opera Nabucco.

The Hebrew slaves express their longing for their homeland in this beautiful masterpiece.

It reminds us that we always have a choice in how we look at life’s challenges.

8. Regina Coeli – Cavalleria Rusticana

This is a magnificent Easter chorus from the opera Cavalleria Rusticana by Mascagni.

Great musical artwork like this provides us a perfect escape from the cares of our lives.

It reminds us that life is not just about hardship and pain but beauty and dreams.

Pop Music

Nothing reaches as wide of a range of audiences than pop music.

These are some of the songs that has inspired millions.

Here are some of the most popular songs over the years. Enjoy this list!

9. Hero – Mariah Carey

This is definitely one of Mariah’s best classics.

Her vocal artistry was impeccable back then. 

Hero is a great one to lift you up when you are having doubts about yourself.

10. Time for Miracle – Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert is one of the best male singers of our time.

This song has the pop rock feel that shows off his incredible vocals.

If you need a little boost in morale to fight on, this is a great song to listen to.

11. When You Believe – Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey

This is a pop masterpiece by the 2 pop divas of our time.

Mariah and Whitney express hope through this song with their golden voices.

When we truly believe in something, we often accomplish more than we think we can.

12. The Greatest Love of All – Whitney Houston

This is one of Whitney Houston’s classics that people will never forget.

It really reminds us how we started as kids to have dreams.

And we should continue to live out our best and to fulfill our dreams.

13. Brave – Sara Bareilles

This song expresses such encouragement for people to have courage.

The uplifting mood of this song will give you a boost. 

Sara Bareilles collaborates with the National Symphony Orchestra in this rare performance.

14. Roar – Katy Perry

This song reminds us of the innate potential we have as human beings.

Our talents and potential are often buried as we grow up in society.

Katy Perry expresses the natural confidence we all possess in the beginning through this song.

15. What Doesn’t Kill You – Kelly Clarkson

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Kelly Clarkson sings this out loud in this dynamic song.

We learn from our failures, become stronger, and fight on.

16. Heal the World – Michael Jackson

In an unprecedented time, this is the best song that comforts our hearts.

When you feel stressed out in a crisis, listen to this classic.

Michael leaves to the world a message that will never be forgotten.

17. I’ll Be There – Mariah Carey

This rendition of the Jackson 5’s classic is one of Mariah’s best works.

It just warms your heart to know that people do care about each other.

We must never lose hope in love and humanity.

18. We Are the World – USA for Africa

This masterpiece from the 1980’s expresses love for the poor and hungry.

We are living in prosperous times, but don’t forget there are people in need.

This song sets a milestone in pop music history.

19. Skyscraper – Demi Lovato

You feel the emotional pain of a struggling person in this song.

Demi Lovato is able to express what other singers cannot with her vocals.

It reminds us that the best way to deal with challenges is to face them boldly.

20. Beautiful – Christina Aguilera

It is sad that people try to put each other down through shaming.

This beautiful song reveals how people need confidence.

The truth is – words can’t bring us down unless we let them.

21. Fight Song – Rachel Platten

This song is going to fire you up.

The dynamic rhythm really pumps you up to keep fighting.

The music justifies the title of the song.

22. What a Feeling – Irene Cara

An inspiring, uplifting, and motivating song from the 1980’s.

This song from the movie FlashDance has been a classic.

It is a great feeling to go after your dream with all your heart.

23. Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield

This is an uplifting song about experiencing life.

The unknown of the future can be scary but exciting as well.

So much positive energy in the song if you need some.

24. Bad day – Daniel Powter

It might sound like a negative song at first, but no.

This song makes a bad day look not so bad.

Listen to this song if your day has not been good.

25. Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson

A great Michael Jackson classic about self-reflection.

We can’t control others to change, but we can do it ourselves.

This is a good one for someone frustrated about how to make things better. 

26. Black or White – Michael Jackson

Racism is always a challenge, but it shouldn’t stop us in our pursuits.

This song is very uplifting for people who have experienced racism.

Very entertaining and exciting tune as well.

27. Firework – Katy Perry

Such an encouraging song for people with low confidence.

This is a great song for people who have been put down or insulted.

We should have courage to realize and develop our truest potential.

28. True Colors – Justin Timberlake & Anna Kendrick

This song is going to warm your heart.

JT and AK’s interpretation is so tender and comforting.

If you are hurting right now, please listen to this song.

29. Pyramid – Charice & Lyaz

Lovely duet between Charice and Lyaz.

Indeed, love is the greatest force that enables us to pull through.

You will be really encouraged by this song.

30. Let It Go – Idina Menzel

This song has become a modern classic.

No matter how big the storm is, we can all persevere till the end.

We never know what we can do until we put ourselves out there.

31. If We Hold on Together – Diana Ross

If you like a simple old tune to get a little comfort, this song is for you.

This song by Diana Ross in the 80’s is just beautiful.

With simple melodic lines, this song expresses such warmth for the lonely and distressed. 

32. Don’t be So Hard on Yourself – Jess Glynne

This is an interesting song.

It has strong dynamics and energetic rhythms expressing a comforting message.

It’s almost like the song is drilling it into your head, “Don’t be so hard on yourself!”

33. Shake It Off – Taylor Swift

It’s hard to stay depressed when you hear this song.

This song by Taylor Swift is an exciting happy tune.

If you’re having a bad day, shake it off with this song.


34. Get Up And Stand Up – Bob Marley

A great song for the oppressed people to stand for their rights.

This Bob Marley classic has inspired many people around the world.

His unique voice really resonates with ordinary people like you and me.

35. Don’t Worry Be Happy – Bobby McFerrin

This song is going to disrupt people’s depression.

It’s hard to stay sad when you listen to this song.

Bobby McFerrin is simply a vocal and music legend.

36. Break My Stride – Matthew Wilder

This is a cute little tune that’s going to put a smile on your face.

If you need something to cheer you up, you should listen to this song.

It’s just a happy song!

37. Wavin’ Flag – K’naan

This is a song that has inspired people around the world.

It’s been used in World Cup soccer and Coca Cola ad campaigns.

This song really expresses the value of freedom for all people.

38. One Day – Matisyahu

We all dream of a world with no more wars, violence, and conflicts.

This song by Matisyahu expresses this dream shared by all people.

Love for others is really the way to go in life.

House/Dance Music

House and dance music are not just for partying.

They have some very uplifting songs that’s going to cheer you up on a bad day.

Here are some you can enjoy right now:

39. Save the World – Swedish House Mafia

This is an upbeat dance tune with a great message.

The music is going to stay in your head for a long time.

We can all make this world a better place in our own little ways.

40. Teardrop – Massive Attack

There have been discussions about what the song is about.

It’s not hard to find out that the beat resembles heartbeats.

There is resilience in the life of every human being.

R & B Music

R & B singing is one of the most versatile vocal styles in the industry.

The range of emotions that R & B singing can convey is extremely vast.

Here are some of the best R & B songs to give you a little pump.

41. You Gotta Be – Des’ree

We all need a little encouragement to be strong and bold.

Des’ree sings out a very important message – “Love will save the day.”

42. Survivors – Destiny’s Child

This song is for people who have just gone through a harsh break-up.

A strong tune that delivers a powerful declaration of being stronger in the days to come.

43. Girl on Fire – Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys encourages girls who are facing the challenges of the world.

You will feel empowered by the energy of this song.

44. Rise Up – Andra Day

When you’re down and out, this song is going to lift you up.

Andra Day’s versatile vocals expresses that there’s hope for all of us.

Never give up no matter what.

45. Celebration – Kool And the Gang   

This is the best song for parties and celebrations.

You’re going to put aside your worries as you listen to this happy tune.

This classic song from the 80’s remains a favorite for fans around the world. 

Country Music

Country music touches a listener’s heart at a deep level.

The stories and emotions in the songs go way deep into our daily lives.

These songs resonate with listeners with the stories that happen in real lives.


46. When I Pray For You – Dan & Shay

What a sweet song that reminds us there are loved ones that care about us.

There’s a freshness in this country tune.

You will feel a sense of love and hope in the music.

47. The Man I Want to Be – Chris Yang

This is a song about expressing vulnerability and humility.

We are human, and we make mistakes all the time.

Fortunately, we can learn from our failures and move on.

48. Jesus, Take the Wheel – Carrie Underwood

When you feel like nothing is working, it’s okay to ask for help.

This song really expresses how vulnerable we can be.

What’s precious is that we can choose to admit our weaknesses.

Sometimes that’s when things start to change for the better.

49. Live Like You Were Dying – Tim McGraw

This is a great song about how precious life is.

And, we should not waste any day of our lives.

If we all live like we were dying, our lives would be a lot different.

50. It’s a Great Day to Be Alive – Travis Tritt

A very uplifting song about the blessings in our lives that we take for granted.

We do need to learn to appreciate the beautiful things in life.

That’s going to make our lives happier.

51. If You’re Going Through Hell – Rodney Atkins

This song is like a breath of fresh air.

It’s just a happy and uplifting song to cheer you up when you’re struggling.

Keep on going even if you’re going through hell.

52. Choices – George Jones

A great country classic with a great message.

We all have the power to make choices.

And we can make choices that lead to a better life.

53. Original Angels – Craig Morgan

This is a beautiful song that reminds us that love is all around us.

If you take a look around, you will find people that are blessings to you.

If you feel helpless and lonely, this is the song for you.

54. When I Get Where I’m Going – Brad Paisley with Dolly Parton

This is a song that gives us a glimpse of eternity.

We are all travelers in the temporal world.

When we have an eternal perspective on life, struggles and hardship don’t matter anymore.

55. I Hope You Dance – Lee Ann Womack

This is a lovely song that is going to touch your heart.

No matter what you are going through, you should never lose hope.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel.

56. Believe – Brooks & Dunn

It is important to believe there is a better life waiting for us.

This song really portrays a transcendent perspective on life.

Even if life is harsh on you, believe you will push through.

Musical Theater

Musical Theater is not just great to watch, but great to listen to as well.

The dramatic experiences these songs bring to the audience is exhilarating.

You are going to enjoy this list. Here it is:

57. This is the Moment – Jekyll & Hyde

This is one of the greatest inspirational musical pieces.

It takes a lot of hard work and preparation in the pursuit of success.

If we keep on persevering, we will come to a moment when our dreams can come true.

58. Climb Every Mountain – The Sound of Music

This is the ballade sung towards the end of the musical.

The mountains we face in life can be daunting.

If we take one step at a time, we will climb more mountains than we think we can.

59. You’ll Never Walk Alone – Carousel

This song is definitely one of the greatest musical classics.

We certainly feel alone while facing the storms in life.

Don’t be afraid and hold your head up high.

60. One Day More – Les Miserable

This is an inspirational song for the oppressed in society.

We can all fight for a better future for our family and friends.

This is going to inspire you to fight for what you believe in.

61. Do You Hear the People Sing – Les Miserable

Another musical classic that is going to fire you up.

Sometimes we do feel like economic slaves at our jobs.

We all have the desire to fight for our freedom deep inside our hearts.

62. The Impossible Dream – The Man of La Mancha

Some don’t believe in dreaming the impossible.

This song reminds us how we need to dream big.

We might not reach our dreams, but we’ll end up at a much better place.

63. Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina – Evita

Evita was a legendary female political leader in Argentina in the 1940-50s.

Her life proved how one from humble backgrounds can accomplish great things.

This song is going to inspire you to dream big.

64. Somewhere Over the Rainbow – The Wizard of Oz

This song warms the hearts of millions around the world.

It is beautiful to have dreams in life.

Dreams can motivate us to go after great things.

65. A Million Dreams – The Greatest Showman

This is one of the best songs about having big dreams.

Dreams motivate us to take action.

It’s time to revisit some of the dreams we once had.

66. This is Me – The Greatest Showman

This musical is full of great inspiring songs.

It is hard to have healthy confidence in ourselves.

This song is great for someone who is struggling with self-confidence.

Rock Music

Rock expresses some of the most intense human emotions.

It has some of the biggest range of audiences in the world.

If you like Rock music, you are going to love this list.

67. A Head Full of Dreams – Coldplay

This can be a great party song with a very happy mood.

It presents a sense of optimism in regards to dreams.

68. We are the Champion – Queen

This is one of the greatest classics from Queen.

If you need a boost for motivation, listen to this song.

This song will live on in the hearts of all the Queen fans.

69. Dream Baby Dream – Bruce Springsteen

This song brings such sweetness and warmth.

The whole song repeats “Dream Baby Dream.”

Very encouraging for people who are fight to hold on to their dreams.

70. Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

How can you not love this song?

Steve Perry’s voice is just golden.

The perfect voice to tell you “Don’t Stop Believing.”

71. Imagine – John Lennon

This is John Lennon’s most important song.

It has a serene feel that calms the heart when you listen to it.

The song expresses how we long for a world of peace.

72. Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles

A sweet little song brought to you by The Beatles.

George Harrison wrote this encouraging song at a difficult time of his life.

The message of the song – “It’s alright!”

73. Beautiful Day – U2

This is one of the greatest hits by U2 in the 2000s.

It’s a catchy tune that is going to hook you all day. 

No matter what happens, tell yourself “it’s a beautiful day.”

74. Heroes – David Bowie

There is a strange mix of nostalgia and happiness in this song.

The lyrics are sad and hopeful at the same time.

Very interesting song!

75. I Won’t Back Down – Johnny Cash

A simple tune that expresses a simple message.

And that is – “I’ll stand my ground and I won’t back down.”

If you need something simple to inspire you, listen to this song. 

76. The Show Must Go On – Queen

Freddie Mercury recorded this song when his health was deteriorating.

His courage inspired millions around the world.

Keep on fighting even when the odds are against you.

77. Don’t Give Up – Peter Gabriel feat. Kate Bush

Peter Gabriel wrote this song to address life under economic difficulties.

The verse describes the feeling of loneliness, despair, and isolation.

Kate Bush sings the chorus with the comforting words “don’t give up.”

78. Dream On – Aerosmith

This song has a negative mood with very positive lyrics.

A powerful song for people getting out of a negative life situation.

79. Hello Hurricane – Switchfoot

A happy, uplifting song that’s going to cheer you up.

You gotta love the optimistic mood of this song.

We can greet life’s hurricanes with a smile.

80. Drive – Incubus

Great vocals to express a very positive message.

That is – whatever happens tomorrow, I’ll be there.

Very uplifting piece.

81. Head Above Water – Avril Lavigne

This is a very dynamic song by Avril.

She expresses such urgency and desperation in her voice.

Very powerful rendition.

82. Sky Full of Stars – Coldplay

This song by Coldplay has got a very positive vibe.

The happy mood of the song just cheers you up.

83. Whatever It takes – Imagine Dragons

You gotta love the catchy rhythm and melody of this song.

This song is about doing whatever it takes to break loose.

A great song to pump you up.

84. Love is Your Name – Steven Tyler

A very sweet song by Steven Tyler.

This song portrays how love is a great motivator for all of us.

If you need a song to warm your heart, listen to this one.

85. You Learn – Alanis Morissette

This is a special song about learning from your mistakes and failure.

The fact is we are going to make mistakes no matter what.

The most important thing is – you learn.

86. You’ve Got a Friend – James Taylor

This is one of the best classics about friendship.

Friends are really more important than we think.

Real friends, instead of digital acquaintances, are invaluable.

87. It’s My Life – Bon Jovi

This song remains one of the favorites for all Bon Jovi fans.

We only have one life, but we so often waste our time.

It’s time to start living for what really matters.

88. Livin’ On A Prayer – Bon Jovi

One of the best classic Heavy Metal songs with zero profanity.

Awesome vocals singing about our struggles in life.

We press on in spite of all the challenges we face.

Crossover Music

Crossover sits in-between classical and pop music.

It has the power of classical singing and the nuances of pop emotions.

This is a beautiful modern musical genre developed in the late 20 century.

89. Amazing Grace – Andrea Bocelli

The angelic voice of Andrea Bocelli sings this Christian classic.

His interpretation and his voice is going to warm your heart.

What a beautiful voice!

90. My Way – Il Divo

This version is sung in Italian and English.

Their golden voices are going to give you goosebumps.

This is one of the best songs about life’s awesome journey.

91. Brave – Josh Groban

This is a great inspirational song by Josh Groban.

His soothing and comforting voice is very uplifting in this song.

We can all be brave to go after our dreams.

92. Time to Say Goodbye – Sarah Brightman & Andrea Bocelli

This beautiful modern classic is so captivating.

It’s a song about freedom.

We are most fulfilled and free when we are with people we love.

93. I’ll Walk with God – Russell Watson

Russell Watson has a golden voice that will give you the chills.

This is a beautiful piece from the 1950s movie “The Student Prince.”

The whole song is a prayer that is very comforting.

Jazz Music

Jazz music gives people the impression of mellow and calm feel.

It goes really deep into the human emotions.

What most people don’t realize is that Jazz songs can be very inspiring and motivating. Enjoy!

94. What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong

This classic by Louis Armstrong is such an important song.

It reminds us to appreciate the beautiful things about this world.

When you’re having a bad day, this song puts a smile on your face.

95. You Must Believe in Spring – Tony Bennett

This song goes really deep.

We sometimes lose faith in people and love.

Things come and go in life, and love is always around if you look close enough.

96. Fly Me to the Moon – Frank Sinatra

One of the greatest songs by Frank Sinatra.

It’s got an uplifting vibe that just lightens up the heart.

It would be hard to stay depressed listening to this song.

Rap/Hip Hop

Rap and Hip Hop are very influential and powerful singing styles.

They really get your adrenaline flowing when you listen to the songs.

Here are some of their best songs to pump you up.

97. Where is the Love? – Black Eyed Peas

This is an inspiring song that reminds us to go back to love.

There are a lot of problems like racism, violence, and poverty.

If we can all show a little love, the world will be a happier place for all of us.

98. Remember the Name – Fort Minor

This song is great if you need motivation for weight training.

The music is going to pump you up.

The energy in the music is extremely powerful.

99. Touch the Sky – Kanye West

This song is one of Kanye West’s best.

The music just puts you in such a positive mood.

It’s also fun to listen to. Enjoy!

Soul Music

These are some of the classics that have inspired millions in the past decades.

These songs give people the happy feeling to put their cares and worries aside.

Here they are:

100. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Marvin Gaye

This song is a timeless classic from the 1960’s.

There is a sense of optimism to encourage people to go after their dreams.

Particularly, your dream could be someone you love.

101. Lovely Day – Bill Withers

This timeless piece is just a happy song.

It’s hard to stay sad when you listen to this song.

This song is going to brighten up your day.

102. Stand by Me – Ben E. King

This song touches the heart and soul.

You feel the warmth when you listen to it.

There are people whom you can lean on if you look close enough.

103. I feel Good – James Brown

Whenever depression kicks in, play this song.

It will put a smile on your face.

This song will never grow old.

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